Our Tara Inn
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The Neighboring Gun Tower
Legend has it that long ago fur traders would hide in the woods from angered natives on the very site of where Our Tara Inn stands today. Since the site is higher than the surrounding land, the fur traders were able to see any danger approaching from a great distance on all sides.

Eventually, this abundant land became home to settlers and the barn that houses Our Tara Inn was built to protect their livestock. When danger was near, the settlers would hide inside the barn while a few would stand watch at the neighboring gun tower. The gun tower is still standing today and is a site of historical interest.   

The Tale of Two Lovers

Once upon a time, in the very barn that houses Our Tara Inn, two young lovers ran away together and hid in the barn's hay loft. They managed to escape detection for many days. So many, in fact, that their worried parents had given up all hope of finding them alive. When the young lovers finally emerged, their parents were thankful to see that they were safe. But, as you can imagine, the parents demanded their immediate marriage. The two young lovers were delighted and it is said that

they lived happily ever after!